We need your prayers!  Would you join our prayer team? We are asking that you commit to giving us a half-hour a week and pick a day of the week that works for you (most of the time anyway, we won't track you). We would like to build up a team of 24 prayer warriors for each day of the week. We will have an online Facebook group that you can go to when you pray and it will give you plenty of things to be praying for. Just scroll down as you pray. Sign-up below and then we will contact you to get you onto the newsfeed. Thanks!!

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Optional, this just helps me find you on Facebook - just go to your "Profile" page on Facebook and copy the domain name (so Lumenations can find you and add you to the prayer group)
Day of Week You Commit to Praying for Us *
Pick a day that you most often would be free to spend some time praying for us. Don't worry, we won't be checking on you and we understand schedules change from week to week.