Family Matters

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The work I am doing for Lumenations can be done from pretty much anywhere in the world that has electricity, internet and an airport within driving distance. While some places might be a bit more strategic to live in than others, we know God clearly led us to “set up shop” here in Searcy, Arkansas. One of the primary reasons for this is to be closer to family and minister to them while at the same time serving our global mission. My mom, Joyce Shackelford, was diagnosed with Alzheimers shortly before we left for Albania and it has progressed significantly now. My mom was an amazing servant and she cared for my Grandparents faithfully for decades - first my Grandpa Shackelford who had Parkinsons, then my Grandma Shackelford who had rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease, and finally her mother, Grandma Brewer, who had Diabetes. She always did it without complaint and with joy. Seriously, none of us can remember hearing her complain! I think that is why I love this picture so much, taken about 6 years ago, as it shows her joyfully laughing. It really captures her heart. What a blessing to grow up seeing a joyful servant of Christ, who had served and ministered abroad, serving her family and honoring her parents. Now it is our turn and we are blessed to be able to BOTH serve abroad and serve our parents here.

My daughter Shelby is living with them and helping take care of her “mamaw” while working on her graduate degree. Tanja’s parents also live here in Searcy and it is a blessing to be close to them as they are not getting any younger. (Oma and Opa, if you read this, sorry! :-)

Would you please pray for our family?

  • Please pray that we will serve with joy and without complaint, even when it feels burdensome

  • My mom is often confused and doesn’t know us and even her own husband most of the time. We are thankful that she still has her sweet joyful spirit about her in the midst of the confusion. Please pray for peace and freedom from anxiety.

  • My dad fell yesterday. He seems to be okay but please pray for safety for him as he gets older and more frail.

  • Please pray for Shelby, my sister Donna, and Tanja who do the majority of care-giving for Joyce.

  • Pray for all of us as we juggle the demands of work, ministry and family.