As we begin get ever closer to the end of our first year of Lumenations, I have some prayer requests regarding all things financial: support, accounting, reporting, etc.

  • Support: we have been so blessed by the generosity of so many and, as we get close to Thanksgiving, we are TRULY thankful. For our family and for Lumenations, we have historically received about 1/4th to 1/3rd of our annual support in the month of December. Would you please pray that God lay it on the hearts of those connected with us to give generously in the coming month? …especially those who have not been a part of our regular giving but have given in the past. It is always nice to start the year with some breathing room in the budget.

  • Supporters: please also pray for everyone who has given through this past year! Pray that God blesses them abundantly and protects them and their family. Pray that their generosity is returned to them ten-fold!

  • Accounting: there will be much to do on the financial accounting side of things as we close out our first year. Since God has yet to answer our prayer request for accounting help, please pray for perseverance, wisdom and strength for me as I dive into all things Quickbooks (and other software we use) and finish out the year well. We want to be good and accountable stewards of every penny that God blesses Lumenations with. The finance “hat” is not my favorite one to wear (nor the best fitting), but it is part of the package while we are small so I am willing to do whatever it takes!