10 Years since Robbie's Illness

Today marks 10 years since we made the frantic trip to Arkansas Children's Hospital with a very sick boy. He was able to walk to the car from the house but, by the time we got to the hospital, I had to carry him. What a journey that was and so many of you were with us every step of the way with your support and prayers. Many have asked us to tell this story, write about it, etc. Maybe someday. What I did do was to get all of our CaringBridge & Facebook posts put onto our web-site with pics along the way (see link below or click on the picture). There is a link on that first page that takes you to Shelby's first post when she created the Facebook group that ended up being in the thousands of people. One interesting note is that Robbie has been asked to go to a youth conference in London, UK this coming April to share his testimony of God's faithfulness and healing. ...and continued faithfulness!

Here is the blog link: http://theshackfamily.com/stripes/

Please join us in praising God for His healing power over Robbie.

We also praise Him for all the good things he did during the very intense and traumatic time - for Robbie, for our whole family and for many who were praying for us.

I will be leaving tomorrow (Saturday, 12/22) to go to Kansas City to help Robbie move down to Searcy. Please pray for safe travels and for a good transition for Robbie.