"We Always Give Thanks for You."

We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  - Colossians 1:3

Some time in the future, this post you are reading now will be deep down at the bottom of this Prayer Team blog.  However, as I write this, we are just beginning!  If you are reading this in early 2018 AD, you are part of what I believe will be a GREAT beginning.  The prayer requests are coming soon.  Please be sure to read the welcome at the top and the steps to become "official" if you've not done that already.  I'm sure our first few prayer request posts will be more general, laying a foundation of prayer needs, and then we will get more specific and detailed as we go along.

Don't forget! We want to pray for you too! Feel free to write down any prayer requests you have, big or small, in the comments section below the most recent prayer entry.  Our Lumenations team will be notified and will be honored to pray for you.

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