Big News from Albania

It has been a very blessed trip to Albania thus far, especially for my son Robbie.  He is now officially betrothed to a beautiful young woman of God - Hengrida Biçaku!!  Yes, this was an arranged marriage and God has done something very beautiful and special here.  I will be telling the story soon and will let you all know.  The picture below was taken the evening of the betrothal.  We met with the whole Biçaku family at their home in Elbasan.  I asked the father, Maksut, if Hengrida could join our family through marriage to our son and he gave an enthusiastic "YES!". (They knew this question was coming as we have all talked, fasted and prayed about it for quite some time) Robbie then asked Maksut for his blessing to marry his daughter and he stood up and laid his hands on Robbie and Hengrida's heads and prayed a beautiful prayer of blessing.  Just after that, we looked out the window of their balcony and a beautiful double rainbow broke through the clouds.  It was as if God gave us His seal of approval.  Please pray for Robbie and Hengrida and both families.  There will be an extended process of trying to get a fiancé visa for Hengrida to come to the states for a wedding (could take up to a year).  Pray that this process is successful and doesn't take too long.  Thanks for your prayers for our family!