Prayer Request from Kimberly Leong for Upcoming Surgery

UPDATE FROM AARON: The surgery went well.. She is off work to recover slowly but surely for the next two weeks. She feels like someone stabbed her in the stomach through her navel sometimes, so not a fun thing.

Thank you guys for the earnest prayers, we feel God working. 


I'm scheduled to have surgery for suspected endometriosis on Tuesday, September 18. I have to travel to Southern California (about 400 miles away) to find a surgeon capable of doing the procedure I need, so Aaron and I fly down on Monday, September 17 and plan to come back that Thursday if there are no complications.

We don't even know for sure I have that disease since the only way to diagnose it is via surgery, so this is diagnostic as well as hopefully treatment. We'd appreciate prayers that they find the answer as to what's behind all my major symptoms and successfully treat it. The best outcome would be that this surgery would provide relief from infertility, chronic back pain that limits what I can do and requires daily medication, and pelvic pain that typically interferes with normal activities a few days each month. This surgery is potentially life-changing, but also could yield no answers or improvements. I'm very grateful for anyone who would pray for me. Thank you.

Aaron and Kimberly Leong

Aaron and Kimberly Leong