First, a praise! We had our bi-annual board meeting today and it was great. Thank God with me for a great meeting and a great board of directors!

Second, please continue to pray for the Leong family as Aaron continues to share the mission and vision God has given him and invite others to partner with this work.

Third, this might not sound very spiritual but it is VERY important for the work we are doing at Lumenations. Our start-up fund and studio fund last year never got past 50% so I just got the bare essentials and figured out how to make old things work, incuding our studio computer (which is an ancient 5 years old, especially ancient for cutting edge media production work). Well, it completely stopped today, it is a goner. Please pray that God either resurrect this iMac or provide funds to replace it with something more useful than a pretty paperweight.

Thanks for your prayers!