Prayer for Perspectives

Hi prayer team, CLICK HERE TO GO TO A NEW BLOG POST IN “THE STORY” to watch a video I’ve created to promote the new Perspectives class in Searcy. Then, you can return here and go through this prayer list. For those of you not living in Searcy, this will “feel” very localized and distant from you. However, I believe what God wants to do here will not only bless the churches and believers here (that alone is worth praying over), it will have a global impact and also has the great potential of blessing the work we are doing at Lumenations. And by the way, this prayer list could easily be converted for the Perspectives course taking place all around the U.S. and all around the world.


  • Please pray for the three Partner churches who are taking a step of faith helping Perspectives become a reality in Searcy: Downtown Church of Christ; Fellowship Bible Searcy; and River of Life Church. Pray especially for Downtown as they will be hosting this first course.

  • Please pray for all of the other churches who have shown interest in promoting it to their members and potentially partnering down the road.

  • Please pray for our Coordinating Team as they are working together to get everything lined out: Shelby Shackelford (our coordinator); Shannon Chung; Lee Teed; Matt & Blair Berry; Luke & Kaitlin Kays; Robbie Shackelford; Bethany Shackelford; and Tanja and I. We are aware that the Enemy does NOT want this to be successful here in Searcy and will try to attack those of us trying to get it here so please pray for protection, health, energy and strength for the tast at hand.

  • God seems to always use Perspectives as a force for Kingdom unity around Jesus for His glory. We know this is God’s heart so please pray that God will have his way here and everywhere this discipleship tool is being used.

  • Please pray that God clears the way for everyone who He wants to be at this class to be able to make it and willing to commit. Please also pray that NO ONE comes who He does NOT want to be there.

  • Please pray for all the instructors who will be traveling to Searcy, many for the first time. Pray that God uses them powerfully as they teach their lesson and infuse their testimony and their stories in with it.

  • Pray that everyone involved gets powerfully connected to God’s heart for all peoples and to their most strategic role in their co-mission with Jesus. It truly is a GREAT co-mission!