Please Pray for Bethany


ORIGINAL POST: Our daughter, Bethany, who lives in Northwest Arkansas doing midwifery work, passed out three times yesterday - twice at work and once on the way to the medical clinic of a friend of ours who is a doctor in Fayetteville. Most tests were good except her EKG showed abnormalities so we are up in Fayetteville right now taking her to a cardiologist this morning. She passed out again this morning. Thanks for your prayers! Ken and Tanja

UPDATE 6 - (7/2) Bethany is in Searcy with us and recovering well, continuing to feel better and stronger each day and more “normal”. We praise God that there have been no more fainting spells and ask for your prayers that this continues! Again, thank you so much for your prayers!

UPDATE 5 - (6/24) Bethany is in recovery from her surgery now. The surgeon, Dr. Soliman, just came out and said the surgery went well. The ablation was in the left side of Bethany’s heart which they were not expecting. Doing an ablation in the left side produces an immediate risk of stroke so they stayed in there and monitored her for an extended period of time. THERE IS STILL A RISK OF STROKE, so please pray against this. After the ablation, they tried for a long time to induce the arrhythmia and were unsuccessful which is good. There is a 5% chance that it did not completely correct the arrhythmia and she might need to get a second ablation procedure done. There is also a possibility that her fainting is due to something other than her heart and her heart arrhythmia was simply discovered because of the fainting. So, we thank God for a successful surgery and pray for a quick recovery (we have not been invited back yet to see her). Please also pray that this will fix her fainting spells as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!

UPDATE 4 - With regards to her Ablation procedure on the 24th, please pray that it is a complete success and that there will be no need for a pacemaker.

UPDATE 3 - June 15: Bethany is back home with a heart monitor. Since she has continued to pass out, we have to be careful to escort her wherever she goes to be able to catch her if she faints. Please pray for an end to the fainting and for healing, even as we plan the waiting game for the upcoming procedure on the 24th.

UPDATE 2 - June 14: thanks for all your prayers! Bethany was scheduled for the heart procedure on June 24. Unfortunately, she has continued passing out so she has now been admitted into the hospital (Washington Regional). We are awaiting the cardiologist to see if things should and can get moved up.

UPDATE 1 - June 13: She has been diagnosed as having WPW syndrome, it's an electrical issue with her heart that is  treatable by an Ablation. This is a surgical procedure sending a cable into the heart that basically burns the "extra wire" there that is causing the problem. The "plumber" Heart doctor was very positive about it. The "electrician" Heart doctor was more cautious and said that, due to the area of the procedure, there is a significant risk of needing a pacemaker due to both "wires" being so close together. There is a high success rate of the issue being permanently cured as well. We did get a second opinion from our friend Dr. Ted Fish, who heads up the Cardiology here. They are all pretty urgent about the procedure being done because of how often she is passing out and the EKGs.

They don't want her driving or being on her own at all until this procedure is done. If she passes out many more times, they would want to put her in the hospital until the procedure can be done. We are waiting to find out how soon that can be done but they are putting it on the fast track.  It looks like the earliest they are able to schedule the procedure is July 10 but they are going to see if it can be done on June 24th.  Please pray that it can be done sooner rather than later and pray that the Ablation will be a success with no complications resulting in a need for a pacemaker.