Robbie & Hengrida


Thanks for your prayers for Robbie and Hengrida! The wedding, as you can see, was beautiful, and they are on their way to the U.S. - please pray for their travels, for Hengrida's family in Albania, and for her time adjusting a new home and culture. (and married life!) Here are some of their pics from the wedding:

July 12 Prayer Request:

2017-08-FormalEngagementPics 260.jpg


2017-07-08-Albania 6.jpg

Please pray for our son Robbie and his bride-to-be Hengrida Biçaku. Almost one year ago, Ken and Robbie were in Albania for the betrothal of Robbie to Hengrida. Since then, Robbie has been diligently working to get a Fiancé Visa for Hengrida and, this past month, it finally happened! Robbie will be flying to Albania on the 17th of this month and will be bringing Hengrida back on the first of August. We praise God for the work He has done to bring them together. Please pray for their new union before God and life together, for Hengrida’s adjustment to a new culture, for the Biçaku family as they say goodbye to their daughter and for all their travels.

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