Connecting with University Students

Below is a video I’ve just created to promote the GLOBAL MISSIONS EXPERIENCE that Harding and other Christian Universities and Campus Ministries are hosting in the Fall of 2020. They will start promoting it at a Global Missions Conference this coming week. Lumenations wants to connect well with university students in a number of different ways. See the prayer list below and please spend some time praying for these divine connections as you enjoy watching the video. - Ken

  • Pray that we can recruit two university students for a Lumenations apprenticeship/internship/discipleship program this coming summer of 2020.

  • Ken connects with MANY university students as he travels around and teaches Perspectives classes. Pray that God use him well in these opportunities.

  • Ken will be speaking to the communications and media production students in a few weeks and will be sharing about Lumenations - pray that God uses him to show these students how God can use their giftings and training for His global purposes.

  • Ken is hoping to start a discipleship / mentoring time with two or three young college-age men - please be praying for this.

  • We are kicking off the Perspectives class in Searcy for the first time ever this coming spring semester of 2020. Pray that we are able to get a core group of University students to go and the grow from for future classes.